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Chang, Rachel Yoon Kyung and Chen, Ke and Wang, Jiping and Wallin, Martin and Britton, Warwick and Morales, Sandra and Kutter, Elizabeth and Li, Jian and Chan, Hak-Kim Proof-of-Principle Study in a Murine Lung Infection Model of Antipseudomonal Activity of Phage PEV20 in a Dry-Powder Formulation. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2017), 62 (2) ISSN 0066-4804

Choudhary, Anupma and Vanichkina, Darya P. and Ender, Christine and Crawford, Joanna and Baillie, Gregory J. and Calcino, Andrew D. and Ru, Kelin and Taft, Ryan J. Identification of miR-29b targets using 3-cyanovinylcarbazole containing mimics. RNA (2017), 24 (4) pp. 597-608. ISSN 1355-8382


Gallagher, Stuart J. and Gunatilake, Dilini and Beaumont, Kimberley A. and Sharp, Danae M. and Tiffen, Jessamy C. and Heinemann, Anja and Weninger, Wolfgang and Haass, Nikolas K. and Wilmott, James S. and Madore, Jason and Ferguson, Peter M. and Rizos, Helen and Hersey, Peter HDAC inhibitors restore BRAF-inhibitor sensitivity by altering PI3K and survival signalling in a subset of melanoma. International Journal of Cancer (2017), 142 (9) pp. 1926-1937. ISSN 00207136

Gisev, Natasa and Pearson, Sallie-Anne and Karanges, Emily A. and Larance, Briony and Buckley, Nicholas A. and Larney, Sarah and Dobbins, Timothy and Blanch, Bianca and Degenhardt, Louisa To what extent do data from pharmaceutical claims under-estimate opioid analgesic utilisation in Australia? Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (2017), 27 (5) pp. 550-555. ISSN 10538569


Karanges, Emily A. and Buckley, Nicholas A. and Brett, Jonathan and Blanch, Bianca and Litchfield, Melisa and Degenhardt, Louisa and Pearson, Sallie-Anne Trends in opioid utilisation in Australia, 2006-2015: Insights from multiple metrics. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (2017), 27 (5) pp. 504-512. ISSN 10538569


Nguyen, Van Long and Haber, Paul S. and Seth, Devanshi Applications and Challenges for the Use of Phosphatidylethanol Testing in Liver Disease Patients (Mini Review). Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research (2017), 42 (2) pp. 238-243. ISSN 01456008


Saunders, Bernadette M and Rudnicka, Caroline and Filipovska, Aleksandra and Davies, Stefan and Ward, Natalie and Hricova, Jana and Schlaich, Markus P and Matthews, Vance B Shining LIGHT on the metabolic role of the cytokine TNFSF14 and the implications on hepatic IL-6 production. Immunology and Cell Biology (2017), 96 (1) pp. 41-53. ISSN 08189641

Stifter, Sebastian A. and Matthews, Antony Y. and Mangan, Niamh E. and Fung, Ka Yee and Drew, Alexander and Tate, Michelle D. and Soares da Costa, Tatiana P. and Hampsey, Daniel and Mayall, Jemma and Hansbro, Phil M. and Garcia Minambres, Albert and Eid, Sahar G. and Mak, Johnson and Scoble, Judy and Lovrecz, George and deWeerd, Nicole A. and Hertzog, Paul J. Defining the distinct, intrinsic properties of the novel type I interferon, IFNϵ. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2017), 293 (9) pp. 3168-3179. ISSN 0021-9258


Timms, Verlaine J. and Rockett, Rebecca and Bachmann, Nathan L. and Martinez, Elena and Wang, Qinning and Chen, Sharon C.-A. and Jeoffreys, Neisha and Howard, Peter J. and Smith, Anna and Adamson, Sheena and Gilmour, Robin and Sheppeard, Vicky and Sintchenko, Vitali and Schaffner, Donald W. Genome Sequencing Links Persistent Outbreak of Legionellosis in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) to an Emerging Clone of Legionella pneumophila Sequence Type 211. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2017), 84 (5) ISSN 0099-2240


Wang, Xin Maggie and Holz, Lauren E. and Chowdhury, Sumaiya and Cordoba, Shaun and Evans, Kathryn and Gall, Margaret G. and Vieira de Ribeiro, Ana Julia and Zheng, Yuan and Levy, Miriam and Yu, Denise and Yao, Tsun-Wen and Polak, Natasa and Bertolino, Patrick and Jolly, Christopher J. and McCaughan, Geoffrey W. and Gorrell, Mark D. The pro-fibrotic role of dipeptidyl peptidase 4 in carbon tetrachloride-induced experimental liver injury. Immunology and Cell Biology (2017), 95 (5) pp. 443-453.

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