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Abdelghany, Sharif and Parumasivam, Thaigarajan and Pang, Angel and Roediger, Ben and Tang, Patricia and Jahn, Kristina and Britton, Warwick John and Chan, Hak-Kim Alginate modified-PLGA nanoparticles entrapping amikacin and moxifloxacin as a novel host-directed therapy for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (2019), 52 pp. 642-651. ISSN 17732247


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Egawa, Gyohei and Roediger, Ben and Tay, Szun S and Cavanagh, Lois and Guy, Thomas and Fazekas de, Barbara and Brzoska, Anthony J and Firth, Neville and Weninger, Wolfgang Bacterial antigen is directly delivered to the draining lymph nodes and activates CD8 + T cells during Staphylococcus aureus skin infection. Immunology & Cell Biology (2020), ISSN 0818-9641

Emran, Abdullah Al and Chinna Chowdary, Brinda Reddy and Ahmed, Farzana and Hammerlindl, Heinz and Huefner, Antje and Haass, Nikolas K. and Schuehly, Wolfgang and Schaider, Helmut Magnolol induces cell death through PI3K/Akt‐mediated epigenetic modifications boosting treatment of BRAF‐ and NRAS ‐mutant melanoma. Cancer Medicine (2019), 8 (3) pp. 1186-1196. ISSN 2045-7634

Edwards, Jarem and Wilmott, James S. and Madore, Jason and Gide, Tuba Nur and Quek, Camelia and Tasker, Annie and Ferguson, Angela and Chen, Jinbiao and Hewavisenti, Rehana and Hersey, Peter and Gebhardt, Thomas and Weninger, Wolfgang and Britton, Warwick J. and Saw, Robyn P.M. and Thompson, John F. and Menzies, Alexander M. and Long, Georgina V. and Scolyer, Richard A. and Palendira, Umaimainthan CD103+Tumor-Resident CD8+T Cells Are Associated with Improved Survival in Immunotherapy-Naïve Melanoma Patients and Expand Significantly During Anti–PD-1 Treatment. Clinical Cancer Research (2018), 24 (13) pp. 3036-3045. ISSN 1078-0432


Farrell, Andrew W. and Halliday, Gary M. and Lyons, J. Guy Brahma deficiency in keratinocytes promotes UV carcinogenesis by accelerating the escape from cell cycle arrest and the formation of DNA photolesions. Journal of Dermatological Science (2018), 92 (3) pp. 254-263. ISSN 09231811


Guo, Dajiang and Beaumont, Kimberley A. and Sharp, Danae M. and Lui, Goldie Y. L. and Weninger, Wolfgang and Haass, Nikolas K. and Tikoo, Shweta Abrogation of RAB27A expression transiently affects melanoma cell proliferation. Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research (2020), 33 (6) pp. 889-894. ISSN 1755-1471

Guo, Dajiang and Jain, Rohit and Hwang, Jae Sung and Weninger, Wolfgang and Beaumont, Kimberley A. and Tikoo, Shweta RAB27A/Melanophilin Blocker Inhibits Melanoma Cell Motility and Invasion. [Letter]

Gall, Margaret G. and Zhang, Hui Emma and Lee, Quintin and Jolly, Christopher J. and McCaughan, Geoffrey W. and Cook, Adam and Roediger, Ben and Gorrell, Mark D. Immune regeneration in irradiated mice is not impaired by the absence of DPP9 enzymatic activity. Scientific Reports (2019), 9 (1) ISSN 2045-2322

Guo, Dajiang and Lui, Goldie Y.L. and Lai, Siew Li and Wilmott, James S. and Tikoo, Shweta and Jackett, Louise A. and Quek, Camelia and Brown, Darren L. and Sharp, Danae M. and Kwan, Rain Y.Q. and Chacon, Diego and Wong, Jason H. and Beck, Dominik and Geldermalsen, Michelle and Holst, Jeff and Thompson, John F. and Mann, Graham J. and Scolyer, Richard A. and Stow, Jennifer L. and Weninger, Wolfgang and Haass, Nikolas K. and Beaumont, Kimberley A. RAB27A promotes melanoma cell invasion and metastasis via regulation of pro‐invasive exosomes. International Journal of Cancer (2019), 144 (12) pp. 3070-3085. ISSN 0020-7136

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Goh, Chi Ching and Evrard, Maximilien and Chong, Shu Zhen and Tan, Yingrou and Tan, Leonard De Li and Teng, Karen Wei Weng and Weninger, Wolfgang and Becker, David Laurence and Tey, Hong Liang and Newell, Evan William and Liu, Bin and Ng, Lai Guan The impact of ischemia‐reperfusion injuries on skin resident murine dendritic cells. European Journal of Immunology (2018), 48 (6) pp. 1014-1019. ISSN 0014-2980

Gallagher, Stuart J. and Gunatilake, Dilini and Beaumont, Kimberley A. and Sharp, Danae M. and Tiffen, Jessamy C. and Heinemann, Anja and Weninger, Wolfgang and Haass, Nikolas K. and Wilmott, James S. and Madore, Jason and Ferguson, Peter M. and Rizos, Helen and Hersey, Peter HDAC inhibitors restore BRAF-inhibitor sensitivity by altering PI3K and survival signalling in a subset of melanoma. International Journal of Cancer (2017), 142 (9) pp. 1926-1937. ISSN 00207136


Hortle, Elinor and Tran, Vi LT and Wright, Kathryn and Fontaine, Angela RM and Pinello, Natalia and O’Rourke, Matthew B and Wong, Justin J-L and Hansbro, Philip M and Britton, Warwick J and Oehlers, Stefan H OXSR1 inhibits inflammasome activation by limiting potassium efflux during mycobacterial infection. Life Science Alliance (2022), 5 (9) e202201476. ISSN 2575-1077

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Johansen, M. D. and Irving, A. and Montagutelli, X. and Tate, M. D. and Rudloff, I. and Nold, M. F. and Hansbro, N. G. and Kim, R. Y. and Donovan, C. and Liu, G. and Faiz, A. and Short, K. R. and Lyons, J. G. and McCaughan, G. W. and Gorrell, M. D. and Cole, A. and Moreno, C. and Couteur, D. and Hesselson, D. and Triccas, J. and Neely, G. G. and Gamble, J. R. and Simpson, S. J. and Saunders, B. M. and Oliver, B. G. and Britton, W. J. and Wark, P. A. and Nold-Petry, C. A. and Hansbro, P. M. Animal and translational models of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19. [Review]

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Knight, Jason S. and Jain, Rohit and Cassatella, Marco A. and Lood, Christian Editorial: Neutrophil Communication. [Editorial Material]

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Lim, Hwee Ying and Lim, Sheau Yng and Tan, Chek Kun and Thiam, Chung Hwee and Goh, Chi Ching and Carbajo, Daniel and Chew, Samantha Hui Shang and See, Peter and Chakarov, Svetoslav and Wang, Xiao Nong and Lim, Li Hui and Johnson, Louise A. and Lum, Josephine and Fong, Chui Yee and Bongso, Ariff and Biswas, Arijit and Goh, Chern and Evrard, Maximilien and Yeo, Kim Pin and Basu, Ranu and Wang, Jun Kit and Tan, Yingrou and Jain, Rohit and Tikoo, Shweta and Choong, Cleo and Weninger, Wolfgang and Poidinger, Michael and Stanley, Richard E. and Collin, Matthew and Tan, Nguan Soon and Ng, Lai Guan and Jackson, David G. and Ginhoux, Florent and Angeli, Véronique Hyaluronan Receptor LYVE-1-Expressing Macrophages Maintain Arterial Tone through Hyaluronan-Mediated Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Collagen. Immunity (2018), 49 (2) 326-341.e7. ISSN 10747613


Murphy, Kendelle J. and Reed, Daniel A. and Vennin, Claire and Conway, James R. W. and Nobis, Max and Yin, Julia X. and Chambers, Cecilia R. and Pereira, Brooke A. and Lee, Victoria and Filipe, Elysse C. and Trpceski, Michael and Ritchie, Shona and Lucas, Morghan C. and Warren, Sean C. and Skhinas, Joanna N. and Magenau, Astrid and Metcalf, Xanthe L. and Stoehr, Janett and Major, Gretel and Parkin, Ashleigh and Bidanel, Romain and Lyons, Ruth J. and Zaratzian, Anaiis and Tayao, Michael and Da Silva, Andrew and Abdulkhalek, Lea and Gill, Anthony J. and Johns, Amber L. and Biankin, Andrew V. and Samra, Jaswinder and Grimmond, Sean M. and Chou, Angela and Goetz, Jacky G. and Samuel, Michael S. and Lyons, J. Guy and Burgess, Andrew and Caldon, C. Elizabeth and Horvath, Lisa G. and Daly, Roger J. and Gadegaard, Nikolaj and Wang, Yingxiao and Sansom, Owen J. and Morton, Jennifer P. and Cox, Thomas R. and Pajic, Marina and Herrmann, David and Timpson, Paul Intravital imaging technology guides FAK-mediated priming in pancreatic cancer precision medicine according to Merlin status. Science Advances (2021), 7 (40) ISSN 2375-2548

McDonald, Michelle M. and Khoo, Weng Hua and Ng, Pei Ying and Xiao, Ya and Zamerli, Jad and Thatcher, Peter and Kyaw, Wunna and Pathmanandavel, Karrnan and Grootveld, Abigail K. and Moran, Imogen and Butt, Danyal and Nguyen, Akira and Corr, Alexander and Warren, Sean and Biro, Maté and Butterfield, Natalie C. and Guilfoyle, Siobhan E. and Komla-Ebri, Davide and Dack, Michael R.G. and Dewhurst, Hannah F. and Logan, John G. and Li, Yongxiao and Mohanty, Sindhu T. and Byrne, Niall and Terry, Rachael L. and Simic, Marija K. and Chai, Ryan and Quinn, Julian M.W. and Youlten, Scott E. and Pettitt, Jessica A. and Abi-Hanna, David and Jain, Rohit and Weninger, Wolfgang and Lundberg, Mischa and Sun, Shuting and Ebetino, Frank H. and Timpson, Paul and Lee, Woei Ming and Baldock, Paul A. and Rogers, Michael J. and Brink, Robert and Williams, Graham R. and Bassett, J.H. Duncan and Kemp, John P. and Pavlos, Nathan J. and Croucher, Peter I. and Phan, Tri Giang Osteoclasts recycle via osteomorphs during RANKL-stimulated bone resorption. Cell (2021), 184 (5) 1330-1347.e13. ISSN 00928674

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Martin, Daniel and Degese, Maria S. and Vitale-Cross, Lynn and Iglesias-Bartolome, Ramiro and Valera, Juan Luis Callejas and Wang, Zhiyong and Feng, Xiaodong and Yeerna, Huwate and Vadmal, Vachan and Moroishi, Toshiro and Thorne, Rick F. and Zaida, Moraima and Siegele, Bradford and Cheong, Sok C. and Molinolo, Alfredo A. and Samuels, Yardena and Tamayo, Pablo and Guan, Kun Liang and Lippman, Scott M. and Lyons, J. Guy and Gutkind, J. Silvio Assembly and activation of the Hippo signalome by FAT1 tumor suppressor. Nature Communications (2018), 9 (1) ISSN 2041-1723

Mason, Dayna and Zhang, Xiaoying and Marques, Tânia Monteiro and Rose, Barbara and Khoury, Samantha and Hill, Meredith and Deutsch, Fiona and Lyons, J. Guy and Gama-Carvalho, Margarida and Tran, Nham Human papillomavirus 16 E6 modulates the expression of miR-496 in oropharyngeal cancer. Virology (2018), 521 pp. 149-157. ISSN 00426822

Medeiros-de-Moraes, Isabel Matos and Gonçalves-de-Albuquerque, Cassiano Felippe and Kurz, Angela R. M. and Oliveira, Flora Magno de Jesus and Abreu, Victor Hugo Pereira de and Torres, Rafael Carvalho and Carvalho, Vinícius Frias and Estato, Vanessa and Bozza, Patrícia Torres and Sperandio, Markus and Castro-Faria-Neto, Hugo Caire de and Silva, Adriana Ribeiro Omega-9 Oleic Acid, the Main Compound of Olive Oil, Mitigates Inflammation during Experimental Sepsis. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (2018), 2018 pp. 1-13. ISSN 1942-0900


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