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Alharbi, Adel B and Schmitz, Ulf and Marshall, Amy D and Vanichkina, Darya and Nagarajah, Rajini and Vellozzi, Melissa and Wong, Justin JL and Bailey, Charles G and Rasko, John EJ Ctcf haploinsufficiency mediates intron retention in a tissue-specific manner. RNA Biology (2020), pp. 1-11. ISSN 1547-6286

Alexander, Kate E. and Tong, Philip L. and Macartney, Kristine and Beresford, Rohan and Sheppeard, Vicky and Gupta, Monisha Live zoster vaccination in an immunocompromised patient leading to death secondary to disseminated varicella zoster virus infection. Vaccine (2018), 36 (27) pp. 3890-3893. ISSN 0264410X


Choi, Jaesung P. and Yang, Xi and He, Shuang and Song, Renhua and Xu, Zi-Ran and Foley, Matthew and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Xu, Cheng-Ran and Zheng, Xiangjian CCM2L (Cerebral Cavernous Malformation 2 Like) Deletion Aggravates Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Through Map3k3-KLF Signaling Pathway. Stroke (2021), 52 (4) pp. 1428-1436. ISSN 0039-2499

Cook, Stuart J and Lee, Quintin and Wong, Alex CH and Spann, Benjamin C and Vincent, Jonathan N and Wong, Justin JL and Schlitzer, Andreas and Gorrell, Mark D and Weninger, Wolfgang and Roediger, Ben Differential chemokine receptor expression and usage by pre-cDC1 and pre-cDC2. Immunology and Cell Biology (2018), 96 (10) pp. 1131-1139. ISSN 08189641

Chan, Linda and Henderson, Christopher J. and Weller, Paul A. and Tong, Philip L. Suppurative cribriform ulcers in one leg. International Journal of Dermatology (2018), 57 (11) pp. 1301-1303. ISSN 00119059


Gao, Dadi and Pinello, Natalia and Nguyen, Trung V and Thoeng, Annora and Nagarajah, Rajini and Holst, Jeff and Rasko, John EJ and Wong, Justin J-L DNA methylation/hydroxymethylation regulate gene expression and alternative splicing during terminal granulopoiesis. Epigenomics (2019), 11 (1) pp. 95-109. ISSN 1750-1911


Lan, Jie and Rajan, Nicholas and Bizet, Martin and Penning, Audrey and Singh, Nitesh K. and Guallar, Diana and Calonne, Emilie and Li Greci, Andrea and Bonvin, Elise and Deplus, Rachel and Hsu, Phillip J. and Nachtergaele, Sigrid and Ma, Chengjie and Song, Renhua and Fuentes-Iglesias, Alejandro and Hassabi, Bouchra and Putmans, Pascale and Mies, Frédérique and Menschaert, Gerben and Wong, Justin J. L. and Wang, Jianlong and Fidalgo, Miguel and Yuan, Bifeng and Fuks, François Functional role of Tet-mediated RNA hydroxymethylcytosine in mouse ES cells and during differentiation. Nature Communications (2020), 11 (1) ISSN 2041-1723


Monteuuis, Geoffray and Wong, Justin J L and Bailey, Charles G and Schmitz, Ulf and Rasko, John E J The changing paradigm of intron retention: regulation, ramifications and recipes. Nucleic Acids Research (2019), ISSN 0305-1048

Monteuuis, Geoffray and Wong, Justin J L and Bailey, Charles G and Schmitz, Ulf and Rasko, John E J The changing paradigm of intron retention: regulation, ramifications and recipes. Nucleic Acids Research (2019), 47 (22) ISSN 0305-1048


Natalia, Pinello and Stephanie, Sun and Justin, Jong-Leong Wong Aberrant expression of enzymes regulating m6A mRNA methylation: implication in cancer. Cancer Biology & Medicine (2018), 15 (4) p. 323. ISSN 2095-3941

Nair, Shalima S. and Luu, Phuc-Loi and Qu, Wenjia and Maddugoda, Madhavi and Huschtscha, Lily and Reddel, Roger and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Toso, Martina and Kench, James G. and Horvath, Lisa G. and Hayes, Vanessa M. and Stricker, Phillip D. and Hughes, Timothy P. and White, Deborah L. and Rasko, John E. J. and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Clark, Susan J. Guidelines for whole genome bisulphite sequencing of intact and FFPET DNA on the Illumina HiSeq X Ten. Epigenetics & Chromatin (2018), 11 (1) ISSN 1756-8935


Roediger, Ben and Lee, Quintin and Tikoo, Shweta and Cobbin, Joanna C.A. and Henderson, James M. and Jormakka, Mika and O’Rourke, Matthew B. and Padula, Matthew P. and Pinello, Natalia and Henry, Marisa and Wynne, Maria and Santagostino, Sara F. and Brayton, Cory F. and Rasmussen, Lorna and Lisowski, Leszek and Tay, Szun S. and Harris, David C. and Bertram, John F. and Dowling, John P. and Bertolino, Patrick and Lai, Jack H. and Wu, Wengen and Bachovchin, William W. and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Gorrell, Mark D. and Shaban, Babak and Holmes, Edward C. and Jolly, Christopher J. and Monette, Sébastien and Weninger, Wolfgang An Atypical Parvovirus Drives Chronic Tubulointerstitial Nephropathy and Kidney Fibrosis. Cell (2018), 175 (2) 530-543.e24. ISSN 00928674

Rajasekhar, Megha and Schmitz, Ulf and Flamant, Stephane and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Bailey, Charles G. and Ritchie, William and Holst, Jeff and Rasko, John E. J. Identifying microRNA determinants of human myelopoiesis. Scientific Reports (2018), 8 (1) ISSN 2045-2322


Schmitz, Ulf and Shah, Jaynish S. and Dhungel, Bijay P. and Monteuuis, Geoffray and Luu, Phuc-Loi and Petrova, Veronika and Metierre, Cynthia and Nair, Shalima S. and Bailey, Charles G. and Saunders, Verity A. and Turhan, Ali G. and White, Deborah L. and Branford, Susan and Clark, Susan J. and Hughes, Timothy P. and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Rasko, John E.J. Widespread Aberrant Alternative Splicing despite Molecular Remission in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Patients. Cancers (2020), 12 (12) p. 3738. ISSN 2072-6694


Vanichkina, Darya P. and Schmitz, Ulf and Wong, Justin J.-L. and Rasko, John E.J. Challenges in defining the role of intron retention in normal biology and disease. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology (2018), 75 pp. 40-49. ISSN 10849521


Wang, Rui and Wu, Shi-Ting and Yang, Xi and Qian, Yude and Choi, Jaesung P. and Gao, Rui and Song, Siliang and Wang, Yixuan and Zhuang, Tao and Wong, Justin J.L. and Zhang, Yuzhen and Han, Zhiming and Lu, Hua A. and Alexander, Stephen I. and Liu, Renjing and Xia, Yin and Zheng, Xiangjian Pdcd10-Stk24/25 complex controls kidney water reabsorption by regulating Aqp2 membrane targeting. JCI Insight (2021), 6 (12) ISSN 2379-3708

Wang, Qian and Guan, Yi Fang and Hancock, Sarah E and Wahi, Kanu and van Geldermalsen, Michelle and Zhang, Blake K and Pang, Angel and Nagarajah, Rajini and Mak, Blossom and Freidman, Natasha and Horvath, Lisa G and Turner, Nigel and Holst, Jeff Inhibition of guanosine monophosphate synthetase ( GMPS ) blocks glutamine metabolism and prostate cancer growth. The Journal of Pathology (2021), 254 (2) pp. 135-146. ISSN 0022-3417

Wong, Justin J-L and Rasko, John E J and Hayashi, Rippei and Larance, Mark and Schmitz, Ulf and Roediger, Ben and Clark, Susan J and Nair, Shalima S and Wong, Alex C H and Kwok, Chau-To and Halstead, James M and Lee, Quintin and Song, Renhua and Pinello, Natalia and Green, Immanuel D Macrophage development and activation involve coordinated intron retention in key inflammatory regulators. Nucleic Acids Research (2020), 48 (12) pp. 6513-6529. ISSN 0305-1048

Wong, Alex C. H. and Rasko, John E. J. and Wong, Justin J.-L. We skip to work: alternative splicing in normal and malignant myelopoiesis. Leukemia (2018), 32 (5) pp. 1081-1093. ISSN 0887-6924

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