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Karunanithi, Shanker and Lin, Yong Qi and Odierna, G. Lorenzo and Menon, Hareesh and Gonzalez, Juan Mena and Neely, G. Gregory and Noakes, Peter G. and Lavidis, Nickolas A. and Moorhouse, Andrew J. and van Swinderen, Bruno Activity-Dependent Global Downscaling of Evoked Neurotransmitter Release across Glutamatergic Inputs in Drosophila. The Journal of Neuroscience (2020), 40 (42) pp. 8025-8041. ISSN 0270-6474

Johansen, M. D. and Irving, A. and Montagutelli, X. and Tate, M. D. and Rudloff, I. and Nold, M. F. and Hansbro, N. G. and Kim, R. Y. and Donovan, C. and Liu, G. and Faiz, A. and Short, K. R. and Lyons, J. G. and McCaughan, G. W. and Gorrell, M. D. and Cole, A. and Moreno, C. and Couteur, D. and Hesselson, D. and Triccas, J. and Neely, G. G. and Gamble, J. R. and Simpson, S. J. and Saunders, B. M. and Oliver, B. G. and Britton, W. J. and Wark, P. A. and Nold-Petry, C. A. and Hansbro, P. M. Animal and translational models of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19. [Review]

Ford, Elizabeth and Pearlman, Jodie and Ruan, Travis and Manion, John and Waller, Matthew and Neely, Gregory G. and Caron, Leslie Human Pluripotent Stem Cells-Based Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Current Status and Challenges. [Review]

Orthofer, Michael and Valsesia, Armand and Mägi, Reedik and Wang, Qiao-Ping and Kaczanowska, Joanna and Kozieradzki, Ivona and Leopoldi, Alexandra and Cikes, Domagoj and Zopf, Lydia M. and Tretiakov, Evgenii O. and Demetz, Egon and Hilbe, Richard and Boehm, Anna and Ticevic, Melita and Nõukas, Margit and Jais, Alexander and Spirk, Katrin and Clark, Teleri and Amann, Sabine and Lepamets, Maarja and Neumayr, Christoph and Arnold, Cosmas and Dou, Zhengchao and Kuhn, Volker and Novatchkova, Maria and Cronin, Shane J.F. and Tietge, Uwe J.F. and Müller, Simone and Pospisilik, J. Andrew and Nagy, Vanja and Hui, Chi-Chung and Lazovic, Jelena and Esterbauer, Harald and Hagelkruys, Astrid and Tancevski, Ivan and Kiefer, Florian W. and Harkany, Tibor and Haubensak, Wulf and Neely, G. Gregory and Metspalu, Andres and Hager, Jorg and Gheldof, Nele and Penninger, Josef M. Identification of ALK in Thinness. Cell (2020), 181 (6) 1246-1262.e22. ISSN 00928674

Wang, Qiao-Ping and Lin, Yong Qi and Lai, Mei-Ling and Su, Zhiduan and Oyston, Lisa J. and Clark, Teleri and Park, Scarlet J. and Khuong, Thang M. and Lau, Man-Tat and Shenton, Victoria and Shi, Yan-Chuan and James, David E. and Ja, William W. and Herzog, Herbert and Simpson, Stephen J. and Neely, G. Gregory PGC1α Controls Sucrose Taste Sensitization in Drosophila. Cell Reports (2020), 31 (1) p. 107480. ISSN 22111247

Aksoy, Yagiz Alp and Deng, Wei and Stoddart, Jack and Chung, Roger and Guillemin, Gilles and Cole, Nicholas James and Neely, Graham Gregory and Hesselson, Daniel “STRESSED OUT”: The role of FUS and TDP-43 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology (2020), 126 p. 105821. ISSN 13572725


Ross, Samuel E. and Hesselson, Daniel and Bogdanovic, Ozren Developmental Accumulation of Gene Body and Transposon Non-CpG Methylation in the Zebrafish Brain. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2021), 9 ISSN 2296-634X

Anwer, Hamza and Mason, Dominic and Zajitschek, Susanne and Noble, Daniel W.A. and Hesselson, Daniel and Morris, Margaret J. and Lagisz, Malgorzata and Nakagawa, Shinichi An efficient new assay for measuring zebrafish anxiety: Tall tanks that better characterize between-individual differences. Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2021), 356 p. 109138. ISSN 01650270

Ghorbani, Abozar and Hadifar, Shima and Salari, Roya and Izadpanah, Keramatollah and Burmistrz, Michal and Afsharifar, Alireza and Eskandari, Mohammad Hadi and Niazi, Ali and Denes, Christopher E. and Neely, G. Gregory A short overview of CRISPR-Cas technology and its application in viral disease control. [Review]

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