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Butera, Diego and Hogg, Philip J. Fibrinogen function achieved through multiple covalent states. Nature Communications (2020), 11 (1) ISSN 2041-1723

Butera, Diego and Passam, Freda and Ju, Lining and Cook, Kristina M. and Woon, Heng and Aponte-Santamaría, Camilo and Gardiner, Elizabeth and Davis, Amanda K. and Murphy, Deirdre A. and Bronowska, Agnieszka and Luken, Brenda M. and Baldauf, Carsten and Jackson, Shaun and Andrews, Robert and Gräter, Frauke and Hogg, Philip J. Autoregulation of von Willebrand factor function by a disulfide bond switch. Science Advances (2018), 4 (2) eaaq1477. ISSN 2375-2548

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Ho Shon, Ivan and Reece, Christopher and Hennessy, Thomas and Horsfield, Megan and McBride, Bruce Influence of X-ray computed tomography (CT) exposure and reconstruction parameters on positron emission tomography (PET) quantitation. EJNMMI Physics (2020), 7 (1) ISSN 2197-7364

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Shon, Ivan Ho and Kumar, Divesh and Schreuder, Mark and Guille, Jennifer and Doan, John and Sathikumar, Chithra and Van, Khang and Chicco, Andrew and Hogg, Philip J. Preclinical Assessment of [68Ga]Ga-Cell Death Indicator (CDI): A Novel hsp90 Ligand for Positron Emission Tomography of Cell Death. Current Radiopharmaceuticals (2022), 15 (3) pp. 184-193. ISSN 18744710

Sarkar, Sunit and Tran, Ben and Horvath, Lisa and Lam, Michael and Savas, Peter and Grimison, Peter and Whittle, James R. and Kuo, James C. and Signal, Nicole and Edmonds, David and Hogg, Philip and Rischin, Danny and Desai, Jayesh and Hamilton, Anne A phase 1 trial of 4-(N-(S-penicillaminylacetyl)amino)-phenylarsonous acid (PENAO) in patients with advanced solid tumours. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology (2021), 87 (5) pp. 613-620. ISSN 0344-5704

Su, Zhiduan and Burchfield, James G. and Yang, Pengyi and Humphrey, Sean J. and Yang, Guang and Francis, Deanne and Yasmin, Sabina and Shin, Sung-Young and Norris, Dougall M. and Kearney, Alison L. and Astore, Miro A. and Scavuzzo, Jonathan and Fisher-Wellman, Kelsey H. and Wang, Qiao-Ping and Parker, Benjamin L. and Neely, G. Gregory and Vafaee, Fatemeh and Chiu, Joyce and Yeo, Reichelle and Hogg, Philip J. and Fazakerley, Daniel J. and Nguyen, Lan K. and Kuyucak, Serdar and James, David E. Global redox proteome and phosphoproteome analysis reveals redox switch in Akt. Nature Communications (2019), 10 (1) ISSN 2041-1723


Xu, Xulin and Chiu, Joyce and Chen, Shuai and Fang, Chao Pathophysiological roles of cell surface and extracellular protein disulfide isomerase and their molecular mechanisms. [Review]

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