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Chau, Tevin C. Y. and Baek, Sungmin and Coxam, Baptiste and Skoczylas, Renae and Rondon‐Galeano, Maria and Bower, Neil I. and Wainwright, Elanor N. and Stacker, Steven A. and Cooper, Helen M. and Koopman, Peter A. and Lagendijk, Anne K. and Harvey, Natasha L. and François, Mathias and Hogan, Benjamin M. Pkd1 and Wnt5a genetically interact to control lymphatic vascular morphogenesis in mice. Developmental Dynamics (2021), ISSN 1058-8388


Francois, Mathias and Oszmiana, Anna and Harvey, Natasha L. When form meets function: the cells and signals that shape the lymphatic vasculature during development. [Review]


Gramolelli, Silvia and Elbasani, Endrit and Tuohinto, Krista and Nurminen, Veijo and Günther, Thomas and Kallinen, Riikka E. and Kaijalainen, Seppo P. and Diaz, Raquel and Grundhoff, Adam and Haglund, Caj and Ziegelbauer, Joseph M. and Pellinen, Teijo and Bower, Mark and Francois, Mathias and Ojala, Päivi M. Oncogenic Herpesvirus Engages Endothelial Transcription Factors SOX18 and PROX1 to Increase Viral Genome Copies and Virus Production. Cancer Research (2020), 80 (15) pp. 3116-3129. ISSN 0008-5472


Jiang, Keyi and Pichol-Thievend, Cathy and Neufeld, Zoltan and Francois, Mathias Assessment of heterogeneity in collective endothelial cell behavior with multicolor clonal cell tracking to predict arteriovenous remodeling. Cell Reports (2021), 36 (3) p. 109395. ISSN 22111247


Rondon‐Galeano, Maria and Skoczylas, Renae and Bower, Neil I. and Simons, Cas and Gordon, Emma and Francois, Mathias and Koltowska, Katarzyna and Hogan, Benjamin M. MAFB modulates the maturation of lymphatic vascular networks in mice. Developmental Dynamics (2020), 249 (10) pp. 1201-1216. ISSN 1058-8388


Villani, Rehan and Sim, Seen Ling and Roy, Edwige and Wainwright, Brandon and Francois, Mathias and Khosrotehrani, Kiarash Ectopic expression of SOX18 in Basal cell carcinoma negatively regulates tumour progression. Journal of Dermatological Science (2020), 98 (3) pp. 179-185. ISSN 09231811


Wong, Emily S. and Zheng, Dawei and Tan, Siew Z. and Bower, Neil I. and Garside, Victoria and Vanwalleghem, Gilles and Gaiti, Federico and Scott, Ethan and Hogan, Benjamin M. and Kikuchi, Kazu and McGlinn, Edwina and Francois, Mathias and Degnan, Bernard M. Deep conservation of the enhancer regulatory code in animals. Science (2020), 370 (6517) eaax8137. ISSN 0036-8075


Zhao, Jilai and Patel, Jatin and Kaur, Simranpreet and Sim, Seen-Ling and Wong, Ho Yi and Styke, Cassandra and Hogan, Isabella and Kahler, Sam and Hamilton, Hamish and Wadlow, Racheal and Dight, James and Hashemi, Ghazaleh and Sormani, Laura and Roy, Edwige and Yoder, Mervin C. and Francois, Mathias and Khosrotehrani, Kiarash Sox9 and Rbpj differentially regulate endothelial to mesenchymal transition and wound scarring in murine endovascular progenitors. Nature Communications (2021), 12 (1) ISSN 2041-1723

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