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Spiteri, Alanna G. and Terry, Rachel L. and Wishart, Claire L. and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and Campbell, Iain L. and Hofer, Markus J. and King, Nicholas J. C. High-parameter cytometry unmasks microglial cell spatio-temporal response kinetics in severe neuroinflammatory disease. Journal of Neuroinflammation (2021), 18 (1) ISSN 1742-2094

Koutsakos, Marios and Rowntree, Louise C. and Hensen, Luca and Chua, Brendon Y. and van de Sandt, Carolien E. and Habel, Jennifer R. and Zhang, Wuji and Jia, Xiaoxiao and Kedzierski, Lukasz and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and Putri, Givanna H. and Marsh-Wakefield, Felix and Read, Mark N. and Edwards, Davis N. and Clemens, E. Bridie and Wong, Chinn Yi and Mordant, Francesca L. and Juno, Jennifer A. and Amanat, Fatima and Audsley, Jennifer and Holmes, Natasha E. and Gordon, Claire L. and Smibert, Olivia C. and Trubiano, Jason A. and Hughes, Carly M. and Catton, Mike and Denholm, Justin T. and Tong, Steven Y.C. and Doolan, Denise L. and Kotsimbos, Tom C. and Jackson, David C. and Krammer, Florian and Godfrey, Dale I. and Chung, Amy W. and King, Nicholas J.C. and Lewin, Sharon R. and Wheatley, Adam K. and Kent, Stephen J. and Subbarao, Kanta and McMahon, James and Thevarajan, Irani and Nguyen, Thi H.O. and Cheng, Allen C. and Kedzierska, Katherine Integrated immune dynamics define correlates of COVID-19 severity and antibody responses. Cell Reports Medicine (2021), 2 (3) p. 100208. ISSN 26663791

Ferrell, Kia C. and Stewart, Erica L. and Counoupas, Claudio and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and Britton, Warwick J. and Petrovsky, Nikolai and Triccas, James A. Intrapulmonary vaccination with delta-inulin adjuvant stimulates non-polarised chemotactic signalling and diverse cellular interaction. Mucosal Immunology (2021), 14 (3) pp. 762-773. ISSN 1933-0219

Suthar, Mehul and Jung, So Ri and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and West, Phillip K. and Viengkhou, Barney and King, Nicholas J. C. and Campbell, Iain L. and Hofer, Markus J. Contribution of STAT1 to innate and adaptive immunity during type I interferon-mediated lethal virus infection. PLOS Pathogens (2020), 16 (4) e1008525. ISSN 1553-7374

Czechowska, Kamila and Lannigan, Joanne and Wang, Lili and Arcidiacono, Judith and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and Barnard, Ruth M. and Bauer, Steven and Bispo, Cláudia and Bonilla, Diana L. and Brinkman, Ryan R. and Cabanski, Maciej and Chang, Hyun‐Dong and Chakrabarti, Lina and Chojnowski, Grace and Cotleur, Bunny and Degheidy, Heba and Dela Cruz, Gelo V. and Eck, Steven and Elliott, John and Errington, Rachel and Filby, Andy and Gagnon, Dominic and Gardner, Rui and Green, Cherie and Gregory, Michael and Groves, Christopher J. and Hall, Christopher and Hammes, Frederik and Hedrick, Michael and Hoffman, Robert and Icha, Jaroslav and Ivaska, Johanna and Jenner, Dominic C. and Jones, Derek and Kerckhof, Frederiek‐Maarten and Kukat, Christian and Lanham, David and Leavesley, Silas and Lee, Michael and Lin‐Gibson, Sheng and Litwin, Virginia and Liu, Yanli and Molloy, Jenny and Moore, Jonni S. and Müller, Susann and Nedbal, Jakub and Niesner, Raluca and Nitta, Nao and Ohlsson‐Wilhelm, Betsy and Paul, Nicole E. and Perfetto, Stephen and Portat, Ziv and Props, Ruben and Radtke, Stefan and Rayanki, Radhika and Rieger, Aja and Rogers, Samson and Rubbens, Peter and Salomon, Robert and Schiemann, Matthias and Sharpe, John and Sonder, Soren Ulrik and Stewart, Jennifer J. and Sun, Yongliang and Ulrich, Henning and Van Isterdael, Gert and Vitaliti, Alessandra and Vreden, Caryn and Weber, Michael and Zimmermann, Jakob and Vacca, Giacomo and Wallace, Paul and Tárnok, Attila Cyt‐Geist: Current and Future Challenges in Cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 Conference Workshops. Cytometry Part A (2019), 95 (6) pp. 598-644. ISSN 1552-4922

Hayashida, Emina and Ling, Zheng Lung and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and Viengkhou, Barney and Jung, So Ri and Songkhunawej, Pattama and West, Phillip K. and King, Nicholas J. C. and Hofer, Markus J. Zika virus encephalitis in immunocompetent mice is dominated by innate immune cells and does not require T or B cells. Journal of Neuroinflammation (2019), 16 (1) ISSN 1742-2094

Jung, So Ri and Suprunenko, Tamara and Ashhurst, Thomas M. and King, Nicholas J. C. and Hofer, Markus J. Collateral Damage: What Effect Does Anti-CD4 and Anti-CD8α Antibody–Mediated Depletion Have on Leukocyte Populations? The Journal of Immunology (2018), 201 (7) pp. 2176-2186. ISSN 0022-1767

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