Gender and Age Differences Reveal Risk Patterns in COVID-19 Outbreak

Gender and Age Differences Reveal Risk Patterns in COVID-19 Outbreak.

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Item Type: Letter
Status: Published
Journal or Publication Title: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Volume: 26
Page Range: pp. 54-55
Date: August 2020
Divisions: UTS Centre for Inflammation
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Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2021 05:05

By April 28th 2020, the global number of people that were viciously infected with the newfound novel corona virus (COVID-19) stood at a staggering 3 077 133 cases, as per the confirmed data released by the WHO. It has been reported that women from the Chinese Han population are associated with essential hypertension due to their relation with the 5 SNPs, namely, rs1514283, rs4646155, rs4646176, rs2285666, and rs879922, which belong to the ACE2 gene. The level of ACE2 activity was very low in normal healthy younger persons, and was reported to be increased in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Thus, there might be severe myocarditis, that may result in acute heart failure and cardiac complexities in the elderly subjects.

Singh, Yogendra
Gupta, Gaurav
Mishra, Anurag
Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar
Dua, Kamal
Last Modified: 10 Jun 2021 05:05

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